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Partneranfrage Jugendbegegnung

Eine finnische Gruppe sucht eine Partnergruppe (wenn möglich aus eine LEADER-Region) für Jugendbegegnungen – einmal in Österreich und einmal in Finnland:

Leader Suupohja & Leader Kuudestaan are looking for a partner for Erasmus+ youth exchange.

Leader Action Groups (LAGs) are rural development associations, that are financed by EU’s rural development programme.

We have acquired Erasmus+ accreditation and we have a group of 15 youngsters (around 15 years old) ready to travel.

These youth exchanges are for total of 29 people (25 youth, 4 adults) adults are eligible for travel support, but not organization support.

We would like to visit you first, in the upcoming months. Preferably September or October.

We would like to invite you to Western Finland after.

Our youngsters are very interested in food culture, sports and media. These could be themes for the exchange. Youth exchanges last for a week.

Accreditation also covers some of your expenses, these are all regulated by Erasmus+ budget:
• Erasmus+ programme ’s organization support is 45€/day per participant and it has to cover accommodation, food and program/activities.
• For travel assistance, we follow Erasmus+ programme’s rules and their distance-based support. (https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/resources-and-tools/distance-calculator)

What we need from you now is a group of 10 youngsters around the age of 15-17 and of course; your time.

Contact me before July 31st if this raised your interest. Looking forward to your cooperation!

Janne Taipaleenmäki Project Coordinator / Youth-Leader LAG Suupohja janne@leadersuupohja.fi www.leadersuupohja.fi

P.S I attached some photos from our area.



Bei Fragen helfen wir gern weiter: veronika.drexel@aha.or.at