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Training Erasmus+

Aktuelle europäische Trainingsangebote

IMPACT for YOUth – Traininig in Finnland

An international working and capacity-building meeting for youth organizations interested in long-term co-operation with a focus on quality and strategic impact

This event is an opportunity to enhance the managerial capacities of your organization to meet international partner organizations and to foster future co-operation and joint projects. What makes it special is that a focus is put on quality in youth work, as well as on strategic planning and long-term impact.
Why do we propose this focus? Because it has become an unfortunate trend in local and international youth work that organizations just run after funding opportunities, implement project after project on different topics and priorities without a strategic link between them and without ensuring quality and long-term impact.
What we propose is to change the approach, and to get back to first reflecting on what are our values, the impact we want to have on society, the target groups that should benefit from it, the quality we want to ensure, and only then to proceed to identify and design partnerships and projects accordingly and selectively, in a strategic and systematic embedding.
Apart from fostering projects and partnerships, we will also reflect on what other factors might be relevant to achieve and ensure quality and long-term impact (eg managerial processes around PR, marketing, stakeholder relations, organizational management, financial management, Human Resources management, …), and how this long-term impact can be ensured and measured.
So, in a nutshell, if you are interested in raising the quality and strategic impact of your youth work and find international partner organizations with a similar commitment, then this event is for you!

WANN:  23.-29.10.2018

WO: Seinäjoki, Finland

ZIELGRUPPE: haupt- und ehrenamtliche JugendarbeiterInnen und JugendleiterInnen

– getting to know each other and creating a safe and creative learning and working environment
– sharing of realities of youth and youth work in the regions of Europe that we represent
– in-depth presentation of all participating organizations, including their values, mission, target groups and desired impact on society
– sharing of good practices and tools in youth work, with a focus on impact, quality and visibility
– reflection and capacity-building on how to achieve and measure quality, visibility and impact in our work
– presentation of Erasmus+ and other funding opportunities and support structures
– fostering of partnerships and projects with a focus on long-term co-operation and strategic impact

KOSTEN: kleiner Teil der Reisekosten, restliche Kosten über Erasmus+-Förderung getragen

WEITERE INFOS + ANMELDUNG: veronika.drexel@aha.or.at